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safe1751082 artist:baron engel2077 oc712269 oc only465677 oc:alexa mountaineer4 oc:penumbra path6 bat pony52211 fox1988 pony1011084 anthro269650 taur752 fanfic:cosmic lotus27 brush1974 brushing452 brushing mane42 clothes476233 colored hooves6373 duo64785 eyes closed98145 fanfic art14929 female1402353 foxtaur4 grayscale39250 hairbrush418 lidded eyes31813 lying down19677 male388185 monochrome152352 pencil drawing8374 prone26357 simple background409324 smiling261137 stallion115792 tanktop8071 traditional art120288 white background102523


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