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This is my oc XR-47 Primax aka Maxi! She is inspired by xn-d
Primax is free to use. If you want to make an artwork of her, you can.
Full Name: XR-47 Primax  
Nicknames: Primax aka Maxi  
Age: 21  
Species: Android  
Gender: Mare  
Sexual Orientation: Straight  
Relationships: N/A  
Personality: Friendly, courteous, open minded, playful, very emotional  
Habits: Hugging everypony to tight / gets bored very quickly  
Abilities: A plasma cannon (right front hoof) | A railgun (left front hoof) | Energy blade (front hooves and tail) | Electromagnetic protective shield
Extra Info:
Cutie Mark: Xenestra Corp. Logo  
Talent: Flying, social interactions, fighting  
Flight Capabilities: Very fast and agile  
Primax is usually very happy and really hyperactive, because of her tremendous power, there are times when she hugs somepony too tightly. Of course, that doesn’t always have to happen.  
She enjoys socializing and makes new friends very quickly, and it usually doesn’t take long for her to take a place in your heart.  
However, it also has its little quirks. So it can happen that she sees herself as something better and also says that openly. For her, being stronger and more intelligent is something that goes without saying.
safe1860013 artist:ravenmind_artist9 oc776601 oc only576099 oc:xr-47 primax23 original species28992 plane pony1492 pony1204250 robot pony4252 2022 community collab858 derpibooru community collaboration4668 cute220110 description is relevant947 digital art23166 elegant203 female1499790 female oc45 friendly60 glowing eyes12675 high res74216 lidded eyes35200 looking at you195921 mare556248 mech250 mecha614 ocbetes6725 plane3044 raised hoof54313 red eyes7588 side view2010 simple background454763 solo1181629 standing16071 tail48649 transparent background229594 xenestra corporation18


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