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Jul 4, 2021  
Summer Sonata Commission
So grateful that I got to draw my favorite girl for a #commission 🥺💕 #SonataDusk #EquestriaGirls
safe1948290 artist:rileyav747 sonata dusk14989 equestria girls231069 adorasexy11236 arm behind head8320 armpits45010 barefoot32215 beach18953 beach babe794 beautiful6749 big breasts104301 blushing235168 breasts336513 busty sonata dusk2060 cleavage40349 clothes550577 commission94495 cute232394 cute little fangs2697 eyebrows14532 eyebrows visible through hair7500 eyelashes21098 eyeshadow21950 fangs32573 feet48028 female1581461 high res84315 legs10207 long hair5568 makeup30093 nail polish9867 ocean9147 one eye closed39170 one-piece swimsuit5789 open mouth193610 open smile15082 ponytail22242 running7014 sexy36798 smiling324197 solo1247791 sonatabetes1276 stupid sexy sonata dusk349 summer1794 swimsuit34321 thick5369 thighs21443 toenail polish1647 water18448 wink29209


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Looks really good, but hair that long would be kinda impractical in real life….
Still a great piece of art.
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