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Jul 4, 2021  
Summer Sonata Commission
So grateful that I got to draw my favorite girl for a #commission 🥺💕 #SonataDusk #EquestriaGirls
safe1919812 artist:rileyav739 sonata dusk14835 equestria girls228275 adorasexy11141 arm behind head8119 armpits44840 barefoot31718 beach18583 beach babe782 beautiful6576 big breasts101801 blushing231055 breasts329453 busty sonata dusk2039 cleavage39665 clothes540387 commission91804 cute228425 cute little fangs2651 eyebrows13758 eyebrows visible through hair7184 eyelashes20444 eyeshadow21164 fangs31606 feet47177 female1555008 high res81086 legs10070 long hair5342 makeup29049 nail polish9567 ocean8928 one eye closed38445 one-piece swimsuit5662 open mouth187656 open smile13147 ponytail21824 running6860 sexy36006 smiling315546 solo1226019 sonatabetes1261 stupid sexy sonata dusk343 summer1779 swimsuit33840 thick5239 thighs20448 toenail polish1521 water17819 wink28883


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Looks really good, but hair that long would be kinda impractical in real life….
Still a great piece of art.
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