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A series of doodles I’ve been using as warmups over the last week or so. Dang Discord and Celestia have a ton of colors on them 🙃
Discord has never had a child before and is positively enamored with wee Sunny. Celestia on the other hand has had children before, though it’s been many many years; her young son Sparks met a tragic end and for a long time she couldn’t bear the thought of having another child if she was going to lose them like that.
Teaching Cadence and Twilight reminded her how much she loved being a mother though, and it wasn’t hard for Discord to talk her into it. She and Discord’s will they won’t they relationship goes back many many centuries, though only recently were they finally able to get it to work out. Celestia’s very glad to be surrounded by creatures she loves who are little less susceptible to old age and sickness.
Discord making Fluttershy look as his kid that he’s so proud of siring like five times a day:…
Young Eventide was the first to be born the royal alicorns and she’s not sure what to make of these smelly crying followups. She GUESSES they’re kind of cute. Sometimes. May as well defend them with every ounce of strength in her tiny body
More on these royal kids:

safe2151235 artist:moonstruck-badger50 discord37220 fluttershy255737 princess celestia111710 oc934512 oc:prince moonlight sonata2 oc:princess eventide2 oc:princess sundance5 alicorn309456 hybrid30770 pegasus486601 pony1579083 g42004382 auntie fluttershy7 baby16361 baby pony9238 boop9242 colt20266 crying54893 dadcord13 drool33996 ethereal mane13123 family5659 female1777625 filly95942 high res405758 interspecies offspring9830 liquid pride209 male541848 mare726489 momlestia1118 noseboop3632 offspring49825 parent:discord4246 parent:princess celestia2789 parent:princess luna3042 parent:rockhoof121 parents:dislestia1086 parents:rockluna4 pony hat484 proud602 scruff180 ship:dislestia1611 shipping250764 simple background584070 sleeping29014 starry mane6976 straight176109 tears of joy3449 white background157081


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Background Pony #B5E4
I just want to see any kid of Discord in G5, whether its Fluttershy, Celestia or Twilight doesnt matter. The concept of teen female version of Discord would be fun if made into a mane cast and open a room for a lot of shenanigans that weren’t used in G4.