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Fillies and Gentlecolts, may I please (re)introduce my draconequus, Bedlam!
I’ve had this little fella for several years, but I had to put him on hiatus for a year while I searched for a design that didn’t look quite so much like Discord (brown fur, grey head, etc.).
Well, now he’s back and better than ever! I decided to try a few new elements, like having him run on air instead of flying, and communicating through sign language (he’s in the process of making the ASL sign for ‘friend’).
He’s lived in Equestria for many years, but since he’s mostly nocturnal and lives in solitude from other creatures, nopony knew he existed until just recently, when he asked to enroll at The School of Friendship. He’s pretty shy around strangers, a feeling that isn’t helped by much of the student body being nervous around draconequuses (thanks a lot, Discord), but The Student Six welcomed him with open arms, and he’s slowly but surely feeling more at home in the school.
Once he gets a better hold on his powers, Princess Luna invited him to work an internship with her with monitoring The Dream Realm. Bedlam enjoys the peace and darkness of nighttime, and he’s developed a strong fascination with dream magic. He’s got a long way to go, but he’s on the right track.
safe1949633 artist:jamestkelley143 ocellus6322 sandbar6438 yona6069 oc825293 oc:bedlam65 oc:silver lining408 changedling10312 changeling57692 draconequus16551 earth pony352287 pegasus396683 pony1299808 yak5779 amazed270 bat ears504 chaos magic98 chatting98 cloud37301 draconequus oc1956 female1582667 flying46589 food86180 galaxy715 happy37760 magic85329 male451809 moon27711 mute143 pattern234 redesign3312 reference sheet15795 running7022 sandwich2258 school of friendship1553 shipping227502 sign language26 sky18732 story included11088 straight157599 text74720 text box92 traditional art130275 yonabar407


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Thank you very much! I wanted to explore the experiences and language of a mute individual, and this seemed like a good opportunity.  
And I borrowed the ‘walking on air’ idea from Raya and The Last Dragon. I couldn’t think of any wings that would look good on him, so I thought, why not try something new?