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For those who don’t know why the watermark says @Takie_Arts and I put myself in the tags, it’s because Takie_Arts is me, it’s my second Twitter where I try to draw anime
suggestive148639 artist:anthroponiessfm1586 oc713953 oc only466541 oc:raven storm227 human159337 adorasexy10153 anime5698 bikini19047 bikini bottom1138 bikini top1868 bra16530 breasts289578 cleavage35731 clothes477397 cute206245 ear piercing27937 earring22248 eye clipping through hair6508 eyebrows6645 eyebrows visible through hair3307 female1405998 grin41241 high res33183 humanized102080 humanized oc2441 jewelry68779 looking at you176393 ocbetes5683 panties51570 piercing43291 sexy30788 simple background410604 smiling262558 smiling at you5330 solo1097396 solo female184034 swimsuit29841 underwear62612 white background102900


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G-guuuaaah Raven looks so beautiful as a human anime girl…good heavens she’s so beautiful…thank you soo much!