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Furthermore,she deserved it does not mean her pain was fake.

In the show,she lost her swarm of whom she had ruled brutally while taken meticulous care ,which made her nobody(to some extent,a Queen Lear) finally.
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@Background Pony #E3C7
Buddy,in this doujinshi(spell right?),She said to her larvas that she would consume those dungeon raiders’love if the friendship from them failed to meet their demands of love.
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Not a fan of this comic, but Chrysalis tragic past makes me curious about how Cozy’s story will continue. Since the story really tries to make the villains more symphatic and tragic character, I have a feeling Cozy in this story genuinely wanted to go Twilight’s school to make friends. So, something must’ve happened at the school that made her turn evil.

I’m predicting that she was bullied by some other students and the Mane Six failed to notice it. That way Cozy is blameless and the Mane Six can feel bad about it.
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It would be really nice if some of you could tone down some of the antagonism in your comments on this image and this series. When you start calling each other names, you've really gone too far.

Child abuse and abusive children and some of the other themes of this comic can be very difficult and fraught subjects, especially if you've suffered those things yourself. If you start to get tunnel vision, realize you're getting too worked up over a comic, or otherwise feel like you can't discuss this comic civilly, please take a break and go do something else until you can compose yourself.
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Cozy Glow's father literally tells her that her cutie mark isn't going to get her a real job and that she'll be wasting her time playing games, and they were not abusive. Her father did not beat or yell at her for his own sadistic pleasure. He did it to discipline her, and Cozy Glow deserved it. That is not child abuse. Cozy Glow should feel scared and bad for what she had done at home and at school. I believe children should fear and love their parents, always obeying them without question.

When you're telling someone that their symbol that for ponies is a fundamental symbol of their identity is worthless, and outright saying that they'll never amount to anything, not letting her get in a word to the contrary, that's a serious case of emotional abuse. If he actually gave a rat's ass about parenting, he'd have been asking why she's slamming the door, not just yell at her for doing it, then fuck off after threatening her with bodily harm.

Neither of them were actually "disciplining" her in a meaningful way, they're just being dismissive at best for the problems she's having, and it's not like they can discipline her for the things she's done at school when it's apparent they don't even know the things she's done there. Only her mother seemed to have the slightest insight into what she was doing at school.

Also relying on fear to keep children in line can get it to where they're lying to you to stay out of trouble, and just trusting you less, just making sure to disobey you in a way that you'll never find out about. There's multiple reasons why, for instance, D.A.R.E. doesn't actually work overall in reducing drug use.

And I criticized the comic earlier here, so you're putting me in an awkward position where I'm forced to defend it.
Background Pony #E3C7
Then explain why she tried take over equastria and despise pony wanted twilight and the others dead. Tried to answer that!

You are basically saying you refuse to acknowledge any fault in your statements, evidence or not.

The actions you stated are incorrect-these have not been and aren't single events.

These are constant degradation, abuse and insults that have beaten down and left them damaged.

While I'm in more then agreement that they do not justify the actions taken, they are severe and aren't something so simple as what you've made them out to be.

Even cannon Tirek's dad was an utter piece of shit as far as parenting is concerned.

And your idea that kids should be afraid of their parents is a 4th graders spite that earns you being shunted into a cheap home and a eulogy to destroy you as a person in peoples memories after you get old and die from the children you've earned nothing but fear and hatred from.