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A reference sheet for my humanised headcanon version of Queen chrysalis :D

She is genderfluid (as in my headcanon i imagine the majority of the changelings t be either genderfluid or nonbinary due to their shapeshifting nature) and pansexual, and is multiracial (again since they are shapeshifters, their black "bug" form is their default appearance and they can change into any skin color or ethnicity as they want).

In my headcanon she has reformed (even if she is still a jerk lol) and is in a poly relationship with Shining Armor and Princess Cadance :3
safe1750171 artist:galaxiedream34 queen chrysalis35450 human158936 barefoot28494 belt5850 boots22926 bra16488 choker12917 clothes475876 commission73040 crown17954 dark skin4787 dress46063 ear piercing27780 earring22155 elf ears2019 eyeshadow16563 fangs26678 feet41554 fishnets5517 genderfluid108 gray background7673 green underwear1069 high heel boots5878 high res32664 humanized101907 jacket13144 jewelry68193 leather jacket3485 lipstick11639 makeup22808 nail polish8100 nose piercing2806 open mouth154250 panties51492 piercing43094 reference sheet13186 regalia21136 shoes38725 simple background409004 skirt41077 sleeveless4861 sleeveless sweater578 solo1094175 spiked choker1727 spiked wristband1358 sweater14918 tanktop8066 tattoo5790 toenail polish896 tongue piercing1053 torn clothes5070 underwear62488 wall of tags3651 winged humanization8848 wings123054 wristband3822


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