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Twily scores a goal and does some sick flips
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The footage is from the 4chan cup, an event where the boards from 4chan play football against each other for the right to brag first place.
In celebration of its 10th anniversary every board gets to play, including deleted boards.
The games are played out in Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2021. Players are ai controlled and the only Human input is formation and substitues.
In this particular match /mlp/ is playing against /n/, the transportation board.
/mlp/ player Princess Twilight just scored a goal and is doing some sick flips in celebration.
Her teammates (Best Pony / Mare do well, iwtcird, >rape and tracy cage) promptly rush to congratulate her.
The 4chan cup logo appears and the gif loops.
For more infromation visit https://implyingrigged.info/wiki/2021_4chan_World_Cup
The Full match can be found here https://implying.fun/video/4ccwc/2021-07-31/?t=3:24:27.0