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This is not canon to my (or anyone else’s) interpretation of Descended Twi (note, for one, the implied Glimmer, and the fact she’s missing her collar/scarf - these were deliberate decisions.) It’s just a side thing I did as practice. It’s almost entirely incoherent, but hey, it happens!

So I guess there’s a lot going on here. Let’s explain the panels, and then talk a little bit about the work behind them.  
  1. Mildly angry that you’re not spending all your time with her  
  2. Should be self-explanatory; she’s supposed to be forcing you to stare at her.  
  3. A little bit of the real, sane Twilight is showing through here. She’s a little bit shocked that you’d do such a thing, and actually sad.  
  4. Same kind of deal; she was supposed to be a little angry, but that didn’t come out.  
  5. At this point she believes everything you’ve done to her previously was a joke, because she thinks so highly of herself that she doesn’t believe hating her is something that someone could actually do.  
  6. She’s out of it again; she still doesn’t think you’d leave, but she has to make sure… At least for awhile. You’ll be free again after you prove your loyalty!

So, I drew these in the order 2-1-3-5-6-4. No particular reason. After drawing #1 I learned some more techniques to make Twi look more organic, and I think that really shows in the further images. #1 was pose practice. #2 I wanted to draw magic. #3 I wanted to draw the magic leaking from her eyes, and expression practice. #5 was mane practice and expression practice. #6 was a challenge figuring out the mane, because I wanted to do it better than I did in #2. #4 was trying a slightly different angle, and I think it came out OK. Need more practice of that!
Acknowledgements of those who helped me: Barhandar, Chicory, LightningBolt, Stoopedhooy, probably others!
Constructive criticism welcome in the comments. Next piece will probably be full body pose practice, in the form of a reference sheet for Descended Twi.
safe1921026 artist:ionlydrawtwi10 derpibooru exclusive32915 twilight sparkle327057 alicorn264747 pony1268425 descended twilight182 chains5863 collar39844 colored21623 doing hurtful things128 ethereal mane10229 fangs31634 female1556087 flat colors2693 frown27421 grin50104 happy36919 high res81145 implied abuse143 implied anon822 implied starlight glimmer503 magic83811 mare589054 meme87874 open mouth187877 sad27834 simple background481216 smiling315883 sombra eyes3866 starry mane5603 text72817 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135797


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How can someone hurt a waifu this dominating? Twilight should have a lot of severe punishments in stored for Anon to teach him a lesson.
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