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safe1995927 artist:cold-blooded-twilight3040 spike87965 twilight sparkle335925 dragon73909 pony1348631 unicorn457586 cold blooded twilight631 comic:cold storm147 bipedal44458 blushing242691 carousel boutique2844 cloud38414 comic125467 crying51120 detailed background1686 dialogue81985 duo124216 eyes closed122984 female1626037 holding hands3478 laughing9840 male469633 messy mane9306 ponyville7001 rainbow trail877 speech bubble33049 tears of laughter1108 unicorn twilight27163


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I am hoping this is Spike’s relationship. I want him to have someone that he desires and wants to be with. I am hoping for my Sparity even tho I feel I might be wishing for the heavens here lol.

Its going to be super interesting to se how this unfolds… is rarity going to be a super elegant and dominant from the get go or the might show some playfulness…most people go full dome or secret suby with her
Background Pony #7C6C
leaving that house grey was so economical and it makes twi pop. good idea, very good idea.