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Gilda felt those hooves on her neck, and the warmth of a body pressing against hers, and for a moment everything stopped.
“I’m glad you kept the pin,” Dash muttered.
The words hit her all at once. Gilda gasped as though she’d been punched in the stomach. Her claws reached, grasped, squeezed, as if Dash would disappear if she let go. It wasn’t long until she felt wetness on her cheeks. Trembling, she didn’t resist it - couldn’t resist it. And so she sobbed, in the hooves of her best friend of forever, for everything that had happened since they’d last held each other - all the fear, the doubts, the anger, the pain of long years of suffering. Dash was back.
safe1945449 artist:sinrar345 gilda10530 rainbow dash257140 griffon32416 pegasus394800 pony1295203 amputee5508 artificial wings2315 augmented3396 clothes549393 crying49789 cyberpunk2056 gray background10304 hug33040 jacket15840 prosthetic limb3567 prosthetic wing937 prosthetics4200 simple background490218 tears of joy2995 wings168963


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