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“Decided to draw another image of Sea Lilly, because I haven’t been drawing her much. I also decided to redo her bio because I really wasn’t satisfied with how it turned out, and it kind of made her seem like a Mary Sue. I’ll probably do one for my main OC IronYoshi too. So here’s her new bio!
Sea Lilly (also goes by Lilly or Lill) is a hippogriff who hails from Mount Aris. She is very curious, energetic, and loves adventure. When she was really young, Mount Aris was attacked by the Storm King. Sea Lilly was caught underneath some rubble, and her parents tried to get her out, but they were unable too. She was freed by Queen Novo and King Waverider as they warded off the attackers so the hippogriffs can get to the safety of Seaquestria. Sea Lilly was forever grateful for that day, and she has a deep-rooted respect for the Queen, though the experience gave her a fear of claustrophobic and closed environments.  
Sea Lilly adjusted fairly well to life underwater. She became fascinated with all the marine life, with dolphins and sharks being her favorite, none more-so than her pet shark Spot. She was very lonely though, not having very many friends outside of the daredevil thrill-seeker Wave Catcher. Sea Lilly could usually be seen at the many reef gardens in Seaquestria, looking at all the fish and marine life around. She wanted to capture its beauty, and for her birthday, her parents got her a unique underwater camera so she could take pictures. She would soon develop a hobby for photography, though she had to make sure she kept her boundaries.  
After the hippogriffs reclaimed Mount Aris following the defeat of the Storm King, Sea Lilly became enamored with how the place looked in its abandoned, ruined state. She soon became obsessed with abandoned places and wanted to photograph them. After a while, she wanted to see more of the world after being in hiding with her kind for so long. She would spend some time exploring Equestria, taking pictures along her travels, but it was very exhausting. Ultimately she decided to find a place to settle.  
Sea Lilly eventually settled for Canterlot, since it reminded her of Mount Aris in a way. She would soon become roommates with IronYoshi, who was in need of a roommate in order to help cover his home, and the pair quickly bonded. Sea Lilly’s more energetic and curious personality seemed to have clashed with IronYoshi’s more care-free, sarcastic one, but they would quickly get along, with Sea Lilly developing a small crush on him. She does revisit her old home of Mount Aris for holidays and other celebrations, with IronYoshi sometimes tagging along. She currently works for Canterlot’s newspaper business, where she is one of their resident photographers.
And now for some miscelanious facts!  
*She loves pineapple and banana slices on her pizza.  
*One of her favorite drinks is a margarita tapped with lemon and served in a half-cut coconut shell.  
*She can be very naive and a little too enthusiastic, causing her to bite off more than she can chew. IronYoshi sometimes uses this to his advantage to play tricks on Sea Lilly.  
*One day she hopes to photograph Leviathan, a legendary sea serpent that is said to roam the waters near Mount Aris.  
*She does have a pearl necklace like the other hippogriffs, she just has the pearl tethered to her camera, which she keeps with her at all times. Her camera works just as well on land as it does in water.
And there we go. I think this will be my definitive take of her backstory.”


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