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Is Pipp the best face maker in G5?
safe1947390 edit154499 edited screencap78626 screencap257692 pipp petals10877 sunny starscout11928 earth pony351354 pegasus395578 pony1297196 g536985 my little pony: a new generation13584 spoiler:my little pony: a new generation5954 duo107378 duo female18803 eyes closed118183 faic13708 female1580526 frown28059 mare604821 montage93 open mouth193394 open smile15034 out of context4741 pipp petals is best facemaker75 smiling323914 solo focus21957 volumetric mouth1141


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Background Pony #B7F5
I’m glad we heard more of her voice in the character reel. She actually has a really nice voice!
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