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semi-grimdark31984 artist:mannybcadavera115 queen chrysalis37462 starlight glimmer52735 changeling54264 changeling queen19687 pony1208431 unicorn395014 the ending of the end3457 alternate universe11060 blast755 crown21803 death5577 duo90832 duo female15280 eyes closed109360 female1503332 fight6549 glowing horn22983 grimace275 high res74675 horn98736 horn impalement853 impalement608 jewelry80290 magic80890 magic blast1089 mare558433 open mouth176584 regalia25573 screaming3881 snow15777 snowfall4908 stabbing238


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Background Pony #8C45
I can easily see a scenario like this ending with a very tired Starlight stepping away, realizing what she’d done, and then magically exhausted and unable to teleport the distance back, trudging a distance and collapsing under physical and emotional weight.
You know what… story time…
Non-Fungible Trixie -
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

“Realistically,” if Starlight got to this point, she’d be wounded herself, considering.
She’d probably have to compose herself afterwards, at the very least.
@Background Pony #F883  
Yeah, it really does remind you of Zarbon getting Vegeta’d, impalement, and blasting through their body.