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“Well well… Celestia. You never told me your boy here is also your man.”
safe1948203 artist:pearl123_art60 princess celestia104222 queen novo1695 alicorn270116 hippogriff12025 pony1298170 fanfic:the lost element51 my little pony: the movie20585 blushing235140 castle2465 celestia is not amused645 cloud37277 couch10436 dreamworks face1292 duo107553 duo female18855 embarrassed13403 fanfic art16711 female1581336 fiery mane68 frown28070 jewelry88905 journal266 looking at each other26960 mare605246 not daybreaker15 open mouth193585 open smile15075 paper3859 regalia28979 sin of wrath53 smiling324169 teasing4530 unamused20190


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Background Pony #6483
Ooh, don’t think I’ve seen art of Celestia’s hair start to turn to fire like that before…
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Best Worst Artist
I love seeing Celie and Novo together. I could see them arguing from time to time, Novo’s sass clashing with Celie’s more carefree personality. But they would always make up in the end.
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