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Check the source for the original 80 MB png and viwrastupr’s description!
Print Available
Here are all the individual pieces that make up this work. A list of close-ups is at the bottom.  

Close-ups: (top to bottom)  
>>1359174 Gabby  
>>1359993 Gilda  
>>1372030 Spitfire, Soarin’, Fleetfoot  
>>1366430 Cadance  
>>1358549 Derpy Hooves, Blossomforth, Cloud Kicker  
>>1357763 Cloudchaser, Flitter  
>>1357498 Roseluck  
>>1376786 Luna  
>>1375924 Celestia  
>>1369771 Vinyl Scratch  
>>1367608 Octavia  
>>1361044 Lyra, Bon Bon  
>>1362414 Caramel, Toffee  
>>1363464 Dr. Whooves  
>>1364358 Moondancer, Lemon Hearts, Minuette, Twinkleshine  
>>1373179 Starlight Glimmer, Trixie  
>>1355367 Zecora  
>>1356363 Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom  
>>1359492 Big Mac  
>>1362075 Chrysalis
safe1755147 artist:viwrastupr558 angel bunny10026 apple bloom51124 applejack173618 big macintosh28873 blaze338 blossomforth1454 bon bon16705 caramel2550 cloud kicker2099 cloudchaser3888 daisy2599 derpy hooves50828 discord31892 dj pon-329713 doctor whooves10956 fancypants1958 fleetfoot2250 fleur-de-lis3775 flitter3054 flower wishes2471 fluttershy217647 gabby2476 gilda9812 greta440 gummy5135 lemon hearts2238 lily2029 lily valley2029 lyra heartstrings30131 minuette5974 moondancer4999 octavia melody24246 opalescence2125 owlowiscious2014 philomena1084 pinkie pie220575 princess cadance33202 princess celestia96912 princess flurry heart7517 princess luna100935 queen chrysalis35536 rainbow dash239008 rarity186002 raven749 roseluck5197 scootaloo51986 shining armor23675 soarin'14226 spike80614 spitfire13717 starlight glimmer49887 sunburst7025 surprise3021 sweetie belle49784 sweetie drops16704 tank2784 tantabus502 time turner10952 toffee79 tree of harmony715 trixie68835 twilight sparkle306667 twinkleshine2330 vinyl scratch29714 winona2549 zecora9558 oc713862 oc:fausticorn1566 alicorn233609 changeling49953 dragon58949 griffon28046 pegasus310794 phoenix1802 pony1015082 timber wolf1375 zebra18407 2017422 absurd file size1271 absurd resolution67061 alicorn amulet1892 alicorn hexarchy10 apple16806 astronomical detail0 backwards cutie mark3453 bag5172 balancing1025 balcony1453 beautiful5806 book34652 bookshelf3810 bow30091 bow (instrument)896 bridge1203 canterlot5876 canterlot castle2272 canterlot five26 canyon129 cape10760 castle2120 castle griffonstone16 castle of the royal pony sisters771 cello2617 cello bow357 cloak4453 clothes477352 cloud32210 cloudsdale1336 clubhouse804 color porn1078 colored pupils10179 crib547 crown18031 crusaders clubhouse759 crystal ball534 crystal empire2365 cup6517 curved horn7211 cute206232 cutie map711 cutie mark crusaders19346 daily deviation42 drink5067 element of magic2397 epic1376 everfree forest2077 eyes closed98575 fascinating18 father and child1035 father and daughter2694 featured image910 female1405890 flower26786 flower trio579 flying39541 food73214 friends651 fruit1098 glass4828 glasses64954 glowing4808 glowing horn20637 goggles14491 grass10187 griffonstone262 group3575 hair bow16441 hat90701 horn78350 jewelry68772 lake1593 large wings1656 lidded eyes31908 light1548 looking at each other21562 magic75600 magnum opus0 majestic697 male389451 mane seven6691 mane six32648 mountain5382 mountain range626 mouth hold18125 multicolored hair5979 multicolored tail1296 musical instrument11839 necktie7616 night27473 night sky1871 open mouth155379 park1101 path400 pillow18715 playing1528 poison joke832 pond893 ponyville6092 potion2233 pulling728 raised hoof48601 reading6440 regalia21240 river2047 rose4018 salad379 scarf23905 scenery8255 scenery porn870 school1835 self ponidox8363 sitting65771 sky15047 sleeping23979 smiling262510 solar system56 spread wings57297 stage3201 starry night720 stars16366 statue2408 surprised9631 swarm133 sweet apple acres3066 table9542 tail31415 technically advanced105 telekinesis28828 the hall of friendship26 tiara4272 tree33674 trixie's cape3939 trixie's hat4764 trixie's wagon1130 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126388 twilight's castle4103 underhoof53923 uniform11198 wall of tags3678 water14301 waterfall1746 wings123905 wonderbolts3708 wonderbolts uniform6000 zecora's hut654


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@Background Pony #287A  
Yeah…I don’t much like most of the fandom anymore, but this was definitely one of the good points. I seriously considered buying the giant cloth print of it at BC 2019, but 1) it was more than I wanted to spend, and 2) I don’t really have any place to put something like that. So I’ll just settle for the art, lol.
Background Pony #287A
Now art like THIS is one of the good things about the fandom and what made me love it.
Background Pony #81A0
I found the Discord….On one of the shelves on the left in the twilight’s castle section area xD
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average nmm enjoyer
it’s been 4 years and this is still the most impressive image any single artist in this fandom has ever produced