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Okay we have only 2 to go to finish these takes (unless you ask for more ). Fluttershy is the meekest and shiest protagonist on the show which makes her either loved by many or hated by many (maybe she’s more controversial than Rainbow Dash after all !) . Now some of her dedicated fans will tell you that she’s purest and most innocent one of the bunch while her detractors accuse her of being a one-note mary-sue. I’d say that both are wrong , the character is fairly kind and likable but she also have a nice share of flaws and is far from perfect or unfailable , I defended RD for being a jerk then I also defend Fluttershy for being a goody 2 shoe .Unlike the other characters, who have ups and downs, Fluttershy is good to a fault and can’t find a middle ground between assertiveness and inconfidence. And neither is good, since meekness hurts her (and the rabbit doesn’t help much ) and she mistakes badassery for bullying, scrambling the line between being confident and being plain mean ( literal moral cruelty to Pinkie and Rarity … Personally she’s the only one to blame for that one, Iron Will gave her the tools, she’s the one who misused them . Speaking of which, that Minotaurus was cool …) . As for the characters , she’s a mixture of Andromeda Shun , Snow White (since most want to defend her ) and when taken to certain extremes the Xenomorph queen ( you’re confused by that one ? Well you shouldn’t …)
An aspect that I decided to expand on is her zoological aptitudes, so you can spot a duck, a goliath larva (what ? aside from dragons I see her as perfectly willing to deal with the biggest living scarab ) , a male birdwing (when I select butterflies to draw I go for the biggest !) , a pepsi wasp and a reticulated python . Why do you think I chose RD as her evil conscience ? ;) BTW I found the idea of pegasii uusing their wings as hands a good one so I rolled with it ( even the RD take had that )
ONE TO GO ! taadaaam…
safe1944552 artist:devilkais36 angel bunny10601 fluttershy235650 rainbow dash257053 alien1538 bird11216 butterfly8324 centipede117 duck1377 human197862 pegasus394356 pony1294129 rabbit7008 snail520 snake3399 spider2116 xenomorph318 alien (franchise)489 andromeda shun6 angry32169 animal6175 clothes549086 female1577920 imminent vore2780 mare603238 shirt31661 shoulder angel240 shoulder devil256 sitting76964 snow white180 traditional art129994


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