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safe1950042 artist:tsuyu_pony6 pipp petals10984 queen haven894 zipp storm8715 pegasus396824 pony1300169 g537415 my little pony: a new generation13603 spoiler:my little pony: a new generation5958 blush sticker3227 blushing235392 cellphone6092 crying49886 favoritism7 female1583006 filly83213 filly pipp petals45 filly zipp storm58 grin51788 looking at each other27004 mare606193 mother and child3911 mother and daughter6961 no pupils5037 open mouth193895 phone9730 raised eyebrow7793 raised hoof58774 royal sisters (g5)702 sad28192 siblings14471 sisters12640 sitting77292 smiling324669 spread wings73471 trio16161 wings169942 younger20030


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The dynamic must have switched as time went on.
Perhaps when Pipp used to be on her phone before she was a public star, her phone was more of escapism than her being her own star.
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In terms of favour yeah, Pipp definitely wins her mother over more by being a good phoney pony full of baloney, but Haven said that Zipp was going to be queen some day, implying she’s the older one and next in line, so she prolly gets more attention regardless.
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