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Combined >>2712046 and >>2712048 into one image.
safe1948566 artist:lrusu795 hitch trailblazer7476 pipp petals10920 earth pony351888 pegasus396234 pony1298636 rabbit7030 g537129 my little pony: a new generation13591 spoiler:my little pony: a new generation5956 ...2796 animal6196 blush sticker3224 blushing235218 comic122580 critter magnet217 critters74 female1581808 flirting2035 high res84333 hitchpipp146 male451467 mare605516 petting2236 shipping227404 simple background491564 sitting77201 smooth48 stallion146143 straight157492 white background127092


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Background Pony #D7F3
Some smol chonky poner is already planning a wedding livestream in her mind <3
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Background Pony #2E1C
Hitch: Did it work? 
Pipp:(giggles) Y-yes. 
Hitch:Great! I’m gonna try this with Zipp tomorrow. Thanks for the help! 
Hitch: Gotta go. Byeeeeee. 
Pipp: Wait, what do you mean? I thought—- 
Hitch:Oh my god, here she comes. How do I look? 
Pipp(slapping Hitch on the face and leaving): JERK!
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