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Honestly the only thing I was disappointed in from the movie was that there were no underwater and wetlook scenes for the mares… especially for Izzy. Hopefully that will change either for the series, or the one hour special to kick it off :3.
safe1899369 artist:floonasif10 izzy moonbow10038 sunny starscout9271 earth pony330311 pony1246901 unicorn411233 g526631 my little pony: a new generation12911 spoiler:g54643 spoiler:my little pony: a new generation5851 absurd resolution70013 breathhold38 duo97140 duo female16782 eyebrows13018 eyebrows visible through hair6831 female1536323 flowing mane2614 flowing tail1716 hair over eyes1402 long hair5207 long mane4067 long tail2824 mare577925 swimming pool3372 tail54788 underwater6936 water17242 wet9449 wet mane5675


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@Heroine Addict
thanks for the reminder I totally forgot from the royal pool.
Ps: I can’t help but wonder how Pipp’s wings are looking after swimming or just showering/bathing. Oh and how they could make their wings waterproof in the cartoon.
Heroine Addict
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Pedantry Executive
Don’t forget Zipp and Pipp - after all, their mom has a pool.
Really, though, I’d expect most ponies can swim, even without prior exposure to water. Quadrupedal mammals, including real-life horses, generally have an easy time swimming since it’s similar to walking for them; the exceptions are particularly dense ones that can’t stay afloat, like hippos.
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Pedantry Executive
I’ve heard both hair and water are tricky to animate in 3d (Moana had a whole team just for water effects, and another for hair), so I can see why the animators would avoid water scenes. Doesn’t make it less disappointing, of course.
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Gosh! Izzy has a lot of hair. I’m sad we didn’t get to see wet manes too. Not even a rainy scene on the journey. Glad we got to see some messy manes though, especially Sunny’s morning mane. So cute.