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I originally had plans to make a submission a year ago for the 10th anniversary and ended up not doing one. Now, I have an actual submission.
Don’t mind the lighting and shadows. It’s near midnight when I finished this but I think I did well. It’s both my ocs meeting for the first time.

Two ponies trekked back to the earth pony’s abode. Fascinated of the night, they took their time admiring the beauty of the stars. Each night was filled with the same stars daily but that didn’t quell their admiration. A constellation here or there, a shooting star or two, the night never ceased to amaze them. It didn’t take long before they found out their similarities.
“You enjoy the stars too?” asked the unicorn. The earth pony simply nodded.
“Yes. That and the stillness that the night brings. Everypony sleeps at this time of the night and I get to do what I want to do without ponies looking at me” the yellow pony chuckled softly.
“I feel ya”
They come across a field of white flowers. They are in the middle of an opening. The unicorn stopped and watched in awe as the flowers bloom around them. The blue earth pony stopped alongside him.
“Beautiful things, eh? We call them Night Blooms here. I know a place where there are more of these and then some. I hope you don’t mind if we take a detour before we actually get back to my house. It won’t be long”
“I think I’d like that” it didn’t take long for him to come up with this conclusion. The duo walked forward until they found a branching path. A road to their right that led to the earth pony’s hometown and a road to their left that looked like it had been barely travelled on.
The blue pony nudged the other to the left and began walking again. They entered a sparse forest that let a generous amount of moonlight in. For a good reason too. Dozens of flowers were growing beside the path where the light shone through, fireflies were plentiful an present near plants and shrubbery, and the occasional bird that slept in their nest, awaiting for the sun to arise once more.
“Never mind what I said. I don’t like this… I love it” the unicorn’s eyes sparkled in glee and sat in the middle of an open area in the forest.
His companion never left his side and sat down next to him. Counting the fireflies as they fly around them. They joke and laugh under the silent night that made their first meeting special.


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