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I spent around 52 days drawing a pony a day in my free time. This is the culmination of that. I started with no experience, drawing with a mouse, and I ended with 52 days of experience and a bit better at drawing with a mouse.
Save for the lucky green stallion in the middle, all the ponies are from G4 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
uploaded the proper res this time!
photoshop files:
safe1898888 artist:azgchip62 amethyst star2763 apple strudely40 azure velour204 berry punch7000 berryshine7000 blossomforth1493 bon bon17506 candy apples265 candy mane329 carrot top5796 cayenne351 cheerilee10533 cherry berry2315 clear skies183 cloud kicker2217 cloudchaser4045 cloverbelle56 coco pommel6498 cocoa caliente54 daisy2733 derpy hooves52976 dj pon-330976 dust devil68 fiddlesticks493 flitter3192 florina tart202 flower wishes2609 fresh coat255 golden grove55 golden harvest5796 junebug392 lemon hearts2358 lightning bolt1048 lily2114 lily valley2114 linky1749 lyra heartstrings31497 merry may890 minty1421 minty apple116 minuette6301 moonlight raven493 nurse redheart3876 octavia melody25466 parasol746 rainbowshine1080 roseluck5518 sassaflash1072 screw loose569 sea swirl1771 seafoam1771 shoeshine1861 silver spanner192 silverspeed86 sparkler2661 spring melody1303 sprinkle medley1303 sunshine smiles273 sunshower raindrops2513 sweetie drops17506 toffee swirl23 twinkleshine2467 vapor trail1179 vinyl scratch30976 white lightning1048 oc798279 oc:anon12653 oc:anon stallion92 earth pony330114 pegasus373637 pony1246426 unicorn411031 16:9238 :i1749 :o4699 alarm80 alcohol8407 anon pony165 apple family member3168 apron4936 armband972 background pony10951 bag6631 baking tray23 barrel1830 baseball cap2477 basket3602 bipedal41741 bipedal leaning2142 blue socks30 blushing227473 book37658 both cutie marks12066 bow35018 braid7390 bread1649 brush2207 brushing501 butt148900 cap5491 carrot2361 cart1530 clapping741 clipboard1439 clothes533086 cloud35811 colored background212 comic sans1506 cookie4189 crossed legs3862 cutie mark51751 digital art24063 dress shirt181 eyes closed113075 female1535883 flexible2340 flower30736 flower basket11 flower in hair9470 flying44502 folded wings10823 food82451 goggles15828 golden oaks library5722 grin48969 guitar5646 hair bow19454 hair bun4030 hat102604 high res78571 hoof hold10079 hoof on head524 hoof shoes7000 hot air balloon1071 ladder884 leaning4243 lying down28428 lying on a cloud522 magic82595 magic aura5922 male434982 mare577625 medkit90 mission impossible38 mouth hold20235 musical instrument13081 neck nuzzle229 necktie8564 nuzzling4437 on a cloud2221 open mouth183390 paint2185 paint on fur448 paint roller39 paper3716 peanut butter425 pineapple527 plot103869 ponyville6606 portal2131 poster6102 pushing935 rappelling21 rear view16455 record751 rope13534 rose4494 rubble204 saddle bag6744 scarf26764 scrunchy face7624 sheepish grin382 sitting74250 smiling308992 snowpity27 socks77474 spread wings68961 stallion138458 standing16811 surrounded146 surrounded by mares17 tail54737 tail pull2461 telekinesis32226 too many ponies74 twinkling balloon451 violin548 walking5771 wall of blue84 wall of tags5044 waving3504 wine2955 wings158290 wire cutter7 wonder bread34


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