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Fluttershy has shown and is ready to start cleaning things up. If you haven’t seen it but in the last few hours Flutter Mop has been a thing. Link.
This Saturday 11/14/21 starting at 5:30pm Pacific I’ll be streaming on Picarto. Back in May I did an all maids stream. and I’ve done other maid pictures in the past
Well this week I’ll be doing an all nurses stream. Hope to see you there!
safe1944939 artist:baron engel2380 fluttershy235690 pegasus394522 anthro309657 unguligrade anthro57285 apron5082 breasts335720 choker16946 clothes549188 cute231761 dress52827 female1578270 fluttermaid154 fluttermop51 gloves24705 maid6888 maid headdress666 mare603447 meme88379 monochrome162609 mop313 pencil drawing9559 shyabetes16663 simple background490021 skirt47198 solo1245141 stockings41096 thigh highs47456 traditional art130007 white background126525


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Background Pony #51AD
Finally, a proper uniform for her while having that very mop.
Cute dresses and skirts are always a must for Fluttershy.
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