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Original upload date: 2021-11-09T15:16:48Z
Original uploader: Anonymous

safe2089921 lyra heartstrings33250 oc902403 oc:cold shoulder27 oc:frosty flakes76 oc:winter wonder19 earth pony410927 pony1448834 unicorn499503 yakutian horse361 adorable distress838 beach20999 clothes600094 cute252201 dehydrated11 eyes closed131032 female1710675 glowing16193 glowing horn27622 heatstroke10 horn134917 kite949 magic92270 ocean10828 one-piece swimsuit6170 open mouth219242 ponybooru import319 raised hoof65344 raised leg10994 requested art1918 swimsuit37276 telekinesis37115 this will end in death3363 underhoof65637 x eyes894


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I’m more confused why they thought going to a beach was a good idea XD
Because it looks like the three yakut ponies aren’t going to make it out alive
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