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safe1917487 artist:pabbley2546 rainbow dash254784 pegasus381973 pony1265119 armor26716 black and white14957 blade363 blushing230777 clothes539782 collar39717 embarrassed13168 female1553172 grayscale42820 high res80962 hoofclaw27 implied twilight sparkle2191 mare587260 monochrome161064 partial color5944 sexy35963 simple background480048 socks78636 solo1224491 stockings40255 stupid sexy rainbow dash3855 thigh highs46229 unconvincing armor1264 weapon35380 white background123413 wingblade100


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Background Pony #91A7
It makes the enemies switch to melee and only do stamina damage. The drawback is that multiple ganging up on you will drain your stamina much faster while theirs drains slower.
Just Wayne
Elements of Harmony - Had an OC in the 2022 Community Collab

Umbreon is best Pokemon!
“Yeah, it stops the enemies from attacking you entirely. That’s better than any other armor if you ask me!”
Background Pony #91A7
“It’s what all the high-level female characters in my brother’s Ogres & Oubliettes games wear, so yeah!”