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Lustfull Dragonesses

Dragons don’t do the whole cute and adorable thing…
But cute and sexy…Ember and Smolder are more than happy to do~ They plan on milking a certain stallion and dragon dry~

God damn I can’t get enough of them~
I am so happy with how this turned out…It is helping me a lot mentally.
questionable113402 artist:masterbrony343 princess ember7390 smolder9025 spike84002 oc777505 oc:record smash61 dragon64664 anthro292390 plantigrade anthro38957 3d91348 ass58882 bedroom eyes66974 belly button88795 big breasts96055 breasts315444 busty princess ember1216 busty smolder519 butt135621 clothes518841 dildo15441 dragon wings841 dragoness10455 evening gloves9256 female1501247 finger in mouth736 fingerless elbow gloves919 fingerless gloves5342 gloves23101 lingerie11675 lizard breasts1379 long gloves6977 looking at you196277 nail polish9016 nipples192769 nudity419458 pinup3426 plushie26650 princess embutt369 sex toy28239 sexy34328 smolderriere397 source filmmaker53914 stockings38193 stupid sexy princess ember114 stupid sexy smolder76 thigh highs43258 wings148921


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Background Pony #217E
Ember: “Aw, Spike, you look unsatisfied! I guess Rarity passed out from multiple orgasms again? Such soft little ponies… while she tries to remember her own name, we’ll take care of you. We won’t stop until you’re cumming dust!”