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After the evil Queen Majesty IV escaped from the tree that she was sealed in, she wondered, as she realized that the through the forest searching for remaining followers. Once she finds a group of followers called the Majestic Resistance, they tell her about all the villains and anti villains that once terrorized the lands, reminding her of the idea she had about the Elements of disharmony. She then rebooted the idea, went in search of these villains with the Majestic Resistance, in order to take back their land.
The first she and her followers ran into were Reformed Sombra and Radiant Hope. Since she only had enough magic to perform the spell of corruption on one at a time, because it was so cost effective, she preformed the spell on Sombra, making him almost exactly the way he used to be. Shortly after King Sombra attempts to perform the spell of corruption on Hope, but it seemingly failed. Hope ran to warn every pony about the return of Queen Majesty IV, and what she did to Sombra. Because of his cruel behavior at times, King Sombra became the element of cruelty.
A while after, the group found Lord Tirek in his prison, and convinces him to join them in order to once again take revenge on The Mane Six, and take all their magic, along with almost every creature else’s. Because of his never ending desire for more (magic), became the element of greed.
The group then ran into Discord, and after failing to convince him to join Queen Majesty, she then casts the spell of corruption to make him the way she wants, but Discord then eats the spell. At first the group did not know what to do after seeing that, but then Fluttershy came by convinces Discord to leave with her. Unfortunately, it turns out that it was only Queen Chrysalis in disguise. As she quickly consumes Discord’s love, King Sombra turns Discord into a statue while Tirek gets some of his magic. Queen Chrysalis then agreed to join them, and because of her ability to deceive, she became the element of lies.
Afterwards, they ran into Princess Luna. Queen Majesty then decided to humiliate her by taking away her wings, at the exact same spot where she reportedly got them, turning her into an ordinary unicorn. Suddenly, one of the members of the Majestic Resistance noticed Stygian watching and hiding behind the bushes. Queen Majesty tried to use the spell of corruption on him, but then Luna got in the way, hitting her instead, turning her into Nightmare Moon. Luckily Stygian managed to get away, but because of her newly reformed envy and anger, Nightmare Moon became the element of negativity.
Meanwhile, Radiant Hope had brought together the Main Six, and went with them to warn Princess Celestia about Queen Majesty IV, bringing the Elements of Harmony with them, but when they got there, they saw that Queen Majesty had just taken away Princess Cadence’s horn, and Celestia lied there powerless, in horror. Queen Majesty IV, selfish in every way, had become the element of dark magic. Seeing that the Elements of Disharmony were one element short, the Mane Six attempts to use the Elements of Harmony against them, but a beam of darkness appeared, knocking of Twilight’s crown, and stopping the elements. The beam had apparently come from Radiant Hope. She revealed that the spell of corruption that King Sombra used on her actually worked, as she transforms into an umbrum blood pony, revealing the final element, the element of betrayal.
Now that the Elements of Disharmony had formed. They were able to overpower the Elements of harmony and beat the Mane Six. Now, using the elements, they were able to amplify the spell of corruption, and contaminant the water and clouds. Now each representative of the elements have their own land, followers, and slaves. So the remaining creatures, that have neither been brainwashed nor become a slave, must leave Equestria in search of the Lost Elements, in order to amplify the Elements of Harmony and stop the Elements of Disharmony.
safe1945405 artist:chanyhuman158 king sombra15711 lord tirek5802 majesty324 nightmare moon18746 queen chrysalis38718 radiant hope640 centaur4094 changeling57601 changeling queen20813 pony1295161 umbrum1390 unicorn433541 taur1618 g116685 idw17916 antagonist2102 betrayal565 colored horn891 corrupted3138 corruption of magic20 cruel114 curved horn8812 dark4951 dark magic2957 description is relevant984 duchess hope14 elements of disharmony20 evil queen27 fanfic10937 fanfic art16693 female1578765 g1 to g44358 generation leap7681 greed119 horn112507 lies482 magic85128 negativity2 queen majesty21 queen majesty iv11 sombra horn615 story included11055 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2182


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