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Magical Rocking Horses
Commissioned by kw117

safe2154388 artist:nxzc88271 oc936409 oc only679906 oc:pyrisa miracles105 oc:swift apex252 pegasus487963 pony1582365 unicorn528747 bit gag1460 blushing268931 bodysuit3639 bondage45964 bound wings4784 bridle4905 butt226795 chest820 clothes625598 comic134135 commission114831 dialogue91061 duo164494 duo female29574 female1781134 floppy ears71911 folded wings18866 forced smile459 frog (hoof)19798 gag19699 glasses87285 harness3077 high res406182 hood2041 horn178918 horn ring7564 levitation16060 living object349 looking at each other33537 looking at someone14986 magic95539 magic suppression5022 mare728242 mouth hold23502 muffled words873 offscreen character51281 onomatopoeia8067 pegasus oc34710 plot141068 reins1217 ring6635 rocking horse179 rocking horse bondage94 rule 6333162 saddle2676 show accurate26446 shrunken pupils5273 smiling389888 spread wings91923 tack7001 tail95829 tail wrap8245 telekinesis38572 underhoof67978 unicorn oc29736 wide eyes19752 wings216934


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Background Pony #1810
In case y’all were still wondering… this guy was an animator on the show, hence the super show accurate style. He deleted his DA because he was looking for more work and was worried employers would find his art and use it as a grounds to not hire him.