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I just think they’re neat💕😉

safe2154409 artist:beckydoki38 izzy moonbow21072 sprout cloverleaf2434 earth pony437926 pony1582411 unicorn528794 g573187 my little pony: a new generation14635 abstract background23530 blushing268948 bracelet15304 embarrassed15081 female1781201 izzy is tol74 izzysprout52 jewelry110755 larger female1451 leonine tail13725 male543134 mare728294 shipping251251 size difference20888 smaller male1521 smiling389933 stallion191761 stars22931 straight176652 tail95880 unshorn fetlocks45183


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Background Pony #4B4E
Need another version where Pipp is standing under Sprout. While Izzy is standing above him.
Artist -

@Background Pony #B4B6
About a month ago, some fans were calling her mommy Izzy because she has (according to them) big mom energy. This was about a month ago when fans were discovering how proportionally large she is compared to the other ponies. Later on it was officially revealed that g5 ponies have different body sizes with unicorns being the biggest and pegasi being the smallest.