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safe1972802 edit157000 edited screencap80469 editor:quoterific6325 screencap263798 apple bloom56420 applejack187882 big macintosh31323 cheerilee10734 diamond tiara11192 granny smith5811 pinkie pie238697 pipsqueak3027 scootaloo55526 silver spoon7115 snails5636 snips4471 sweetie belle53485 earth pony362096 pegasus407276 pony1324820 unicorn447063 crusaders of the lost mark1720 season 52947 ^^2089 apple bloom's bow2665 applejack's hat11921 bow38226 colt17917 cowboy hat21952 crying50483 cutie mark crusaders20927 eyes closed120873 female1604595 filly84919 floppy ears64583 hair bow21532 hat109049 hug33590 implied bright mac69 implied pear butter81 male460338 mare619041 open mouth198079 open smile16615 smiling331635 stallion150406 sugarcube corner2839 tears of joy3066 unshorn fetlocks36380


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