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Shining Armor during his high heel training session organized by Twilight
suggestive173195 artist:derpiborusza14 derpibooru exclusive34793 shining armor25885 unicorn447277 anthro316162 plantigrade anthro43100 3d104239 blue eyes8653 blushing238963 blushing profusely2857 bottom armor193 clothes559987 covering4618 covering crotch521 crossdressing11003 crossed legs4146 cute236625 delicious flat chest5983 embarrassed13622 embarrassed grin42 feet48718 femboy11846 girly1691 glasses77507 grin53095 high heels14561 high res86806 horn117541 male460536 misleading thumbnail1243 nerd1089 nerdy38 petite124 pink sweater17 shadow6025 shining femboy armor690 shoes49663 short hair2617 shorts17227 smiling331769 solo1269664 solo male31553 source filmmaker59268 stiletto heels419 sweater17353 tail66605 tiled background183 tiled floor84 toes8046 weak66


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Background Pony #30B1
Shinning Armor crossdressing. Cadence would be proud of him. Keep it up.
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