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FluttershyxPinkiePie Cheer!
In order to motivate the students of Equestria Academy during the Friendship Games, Celestia hand-picked some of the students to be cheerleaders!
Who ever wins a game, wins a cheerleader ;)~
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suggestive170363 artist:fantasyblade543 fluttershy235900 pinkie pie236753 human198372 equestria girls230924 animated111810 armpits45001 belly button94134 bikini22059 bikini top2430 bottomless15504 bouncing5638 bouncing breasts4397 breast size difference87 breasts336253 busty fluttershy20628 calm your tits164 cheerleader3152 clothes550165 duo107383 duo female18805 female1580567 females only14914 human coloration6039 nudity445026 open mouth193399 open smile15036 partial nudity24969 pom pom1364 smiling323929 stupid sexy fluttershy1413 stupid sexy pinkie920 swimsuit34291 underboob4521


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Non-Fungible Trixie -

Well, Fluttershy is also an equivalent of the perfect super model image chosen by photographers and fashion designers. That should really tell you something, that her body is flat like an iron board. I think Big boobs come from the anime trope.
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Everything is Everything
Interesting take… I’d always assumed that the “Busty Fluttershy” meme was related to the “Hidden Buxom” trope (i.e., shy, somewhat insecure yet well-endowed girl unaware of her attractiveness). As far as I’m concerned, MLP characters can have whatever breast sizes you want them to since none of them are canon (notwithstanding the “fanon” tropes)…
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Cheerleaders Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie: Four Reasons Why No One Cares About Canterlot High’s Winless Football Team
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Since Flutter’s boobs are bouncing better than Pinkie’s, I can only assume that Fluttershy has natural funbags, while Pinkie got implants.
Non-Fungible Trixie -

But Pinkie is also hyper active and bouncing around all the time.
I reckon Flutter and Pinkie are the most busty.
Rares and AJ are in the middle.
Twi and Dash are very small.
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never big enough
I think the “busty Fluttershy” fanon started off as a combination of a few different trends. Some fans saw Flutters has a motherly personality, and decided she should have a MILF’s chest to match. Some felt that Flutters being “effortlessly graceful” as a pony should translate to having huge knockers as a human. And then a bunch of people made or commissioned busty Fluttershy art without any overt justification, doing it solely because that was their preference—I don’t know for sure, but I feel like there’s a higher-than-average correlation between seeing pony-Fluttershy as one’s waifu and being attracted to big tiddies.
At some point, the idea reached critical mass, and people were drawing Fluttershy as the most endowed of the mane six because “everyone else” was doing it. It became a meme.
Yeah, I’d agree that if you’re trying to logically extrapolate from the cartoon, it makes more sense for Fluttershy to be on the smaller side. She leads an active lifestyle (bear wrestling, remember?) and had a brief but very successful career as a fashion model (who, in North America at least, are almost always rail-thin and petite).
But if you wanna draw pinups or porn, then screw logic and make Fluttershy’s tiddies as big as you want.