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Introducing some Fluttershy Emotes for my channel drawn by @lou_lubally πŸ¦‹πŸŒΈ #Fluttershy
safe1947970 artist:lou_lubally1 fluttershy235961 equestria girls231020 blushing235090 butterfly hairpin91 clapping752 commission94457 cute232338 embarrassed13402 emotes756 eyes closed118219 female1581119 geode of fauna2322 happy37714 high res84281 jewelry88894 looking at you212779 magical geodes11057 necklace25298 open mouth193536 open smile15066 shocked8744 shyabetes16705 simple background491321 smiling324094 solo1247511 thinking2318 waving3617 white background127012


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Background Pony #048B
The style of this artist kinda reminds me Riouku. I even confused her with this image.