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safe1860169 edit146467 edited screencap73627 editor:quoterific4408 screencap241601 alula717 applejack180826 aura (character)357 berry punch6909 berryshine6908 blossomforth1477 blue bows11 bon bon17260 carrot top5734 cattail96 cherry berry2281 cherry punch29 cloud kicker2182 cloudchaser4012 cloudwalker10 derpy hooves52338 discord33327 dizzy twister1202 flitter3161 fluttershy227546 golden harvest5734 hazel harvest6 lemon hearts2324 lightning bolt1034 linky1724 merry may879 orange swirl1202 pinkie pie229478 pluto717 rainbow dash249267 rainbowshine1064 rarity194773 ruby pinch1391 shoeshine1836 spring melody1278 sprinkle medley1278 sunshower raindrops2498 sweetie drops17260 thunderlane4416 twilight sparkle319807 white lightning1034 alicorn253306 bat1956 draconequus15024 earth pony312576 fruit bat338 pegasus355696 pony1204460 unicorn393325 vampire fruit bat190 a health of information548 applebuck season959 bats!1783 hurricane fluttershy1072 season 13738 season 23157 season 43638 season 71437 the cutie pox684 three's a crowd1389 2020549 ^^1001 applejack's hat10400 blue flu342 coronavirus852 covid-19787 cowboy hat19722 eyes closed108952 female1499957 fluttershy's cottage1666 fluttershy's cottage (interior)187 flying42984 hat99359 hazmat suit418 male422383 mane six33910 mare556346 open mouth175774 spread wings65270 stallion132398 swamp fever105 twilight sparkle (alicorn)132326 unicorn twilight22204 wall of tags4800 wings148501


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