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EDIT: Ask questions the 11 can react and respond to below! :D Let’s keep this going!
Well! Looks like he might need to apply for another authority position then! 😛
So, I’ll try to keep this afloat as long as possible, it’s not gonna suddenly stop or disappear, but it might have a long hiatus.
This is probably for the best so questions can pile up and be saved for future use.
Anyways, if there is anyone who wants the ownership to this idea then talk to me about it in PMs. Again, this series isn’t going anywhere, but I rather not have it on standby for like super long, lol.
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@Dust Rock
By the first line? I just meant that a sheriff from Mareitime Bay wouldn’t have much authority to deal with litterers in Ponyville, since they’re probably quite a long ways distant from each other… probably.
By the second line? They’ve all just been hurled across time and (probably) space by unknown means; who knows what effects it might have had on them?
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Gee Hitch, what do you keep in your wallet just in case you run into a bunch of cute mares?
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@Serious Sponge
No, he’s still got his badge. Way the heck out of his jurisdiction, though.
Still, might be a good idea to check and see what else might be missing… or changed…
How do you mean? O.o also yeah, he’d probably have to start at deputy xD (is that correct?)
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@Dust Rock
Lies about their history that contributed to the division. Also another warning would be PREPARE FOR A CRAZY TIME!
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To the sudden guests
You have ended up in a place you shouldn’t be in…or maybe there a reason why your here. Still whatever the reason, be cautious. You have knowledge that would be consider taboo and can dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands or can cause a drastic change. While you are here, you can probably do one thing- Recover lost information. The story you know only told partial truths with lies replacing the parts that were viewed as inconvenient. Try to find out the real story. Good news is you are near the beginning. There is also one pony that confine. Here hint- Twitchy tail. If something happens, I’ll contact you