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My submission for the 2022 Derpibooru Community Collaboration!

safe2114887 artist:cold blight194 oc915203 oc only665525 oc:lief91 oc:windwalker31 bat pony71750 pegasus469868 pony1475532 2022 community collab854 derpibooru community collaboration5539 :p13719 bat pony oc28139 beanbrows953 blaze (coat marking)3390 coat markings11939 colored wings12828 couple7512 cute256567 duo155688 ear fluff47304 ear tufts1298 eye clipping through hair13142 eyebrows21430 eyebrows visible through hair10095 facial markings5344 floppy ears70138 high res103118 hooves24883 multicolored wings5023 ocbetes8650 open mouth224589 open smile26079 pegasus oc32737 raised hoof66467 simple background567868 sitting88129 smiling375663 tongue out141200 transparent background274164 unshorn fetlocks43016 windsong21 wings207182


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