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safe1883011 artist:hitchpippetals35 hitch trailblazer5024 izzy moonbow9271 pipp petals7123 sprout cloverleaf1536 sunny starscout8524 twilight sparkle322515 zipp storm5481 alicorn257531 earth pony323104 pegasus366156 pony1229412 unicorn403526 comic:bridlewood library33 g524276 my little pony: a new generation12817 the last problem6792 artificial horn217 artificial wings2129 augmented3157 blushing224946 book37315 horn102097 library3534 magic81748 magic horn231 magic wings953 new mane six (g5)96 older31951 older twilight2353 princess twilight 2.02980 race swap16668 speech bubble28418 sunny and her heroine128 sunnycorn464 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133744 wings154086


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Background Pony #D5DE
I’m surprised sprout didn’t have a flash back to when he made rarity fight the other and have a panic attack thinking twilight was gonna do something to him