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safe1918600 artist:hitchpippetals35 hitch trailblazer6139 izzy moonbow10919 pipp petals8885 sunny starscout10175 twilight sparkle326853 zipp storm6858 alicorn264303 earth pony338417 pegasus382399 pony1266265 unicorn419965 comic:bridlewood library33 g529945 my little pony: a new generation13239 the last problem6955 artificial horn286 artificial wings2244 augmented3308 book38136 comic120927 earth pony crystal92 eyes closed115131 harmony crystals17 horn108597 library3602 magic83700 magic horn289 magic wings1019 older32805 older twilight2474 open mouth187442 pegasus crystal145 princess twilight 2.03065 race swap17203 speech bubble29555 sunnycorn593 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135722 unicorn crystal104 wings162991


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