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safe2154082 artist:tjpones edits621 artist:wheredamaresat70 edit171195 izzy moonbow21065 spike91820 twilight sparkle354646 dragon84236 human240659 pony1582008 anthro354643 unguligrade anthro64419 g573143 my little pony: a new generation14634 :o6601 abomination1081 barney the dinosaur80 beard5554 bedroom eyes81081 crossover72623 cursed image1249 facial hair9909 glasses87274 hello194 holy shit42 humanized118105 looking at you254475 meme93205 not salmon3158 omg139 open mouth233028 poggers178 pointing5660 ponyville7745 purple skin280 rapeface1179 scene interpretation10809 soon620 soyjak85 soyjaks pointing41 this will end in death3613 wat21736 we're all doomed46 why2971 wojak300 wtf2780 wtf face70 you35


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I want to see an episode where Izzy wears a look alike of a Barney the Dinosaur costume just to show how self aware G5 is and that they don’t take themselves too seriously.