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Meet Gala Royal :D
He is the oldest son of Trixie and Applejack, and he works with his sister Mystique as part of a stage magician act!
He has very strong magical talents, and so, he spends a lot of time practicing stage magic and illusions, along with things like fireworks and other fancy magic effects.
gala is a very energetic and lively stallion, whose very outgoing and friendly. He’s also pansexual, and he enjoys flirting with as much mares and stallions as he can XD
safe1882592 artist:malinraf1615304 applejack182415 trixie72514 oc788772 oc:gala royal2 earth pony322947 pony1229073 unicorn403364 boots26408 chest fluff48760 clothes526817 coat3234 cowboy boots1973 cowboy hat20203 ear piercing32666 earring25319 eyebrow piercing1113 eyeshadow20184 female1520619 gloves23466 grin48091 hat101065 heart56033 jewelry82005 leonine tail10482 lesbian104626 lip piercing1400 magical lesbian spawn13980 makeup27780 male429190 mare568614 markings2434 multicolored hair7735 nose piercing3200 nose ring2467 offspring45013 parent:applejack4650 parent:trixie2144 parents:tripplejack7 piercing49521 shipping220428 shirt29857 shoes45541 smiling303658 stallion135580 suit6995 tail52200 tripplejack106


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