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oh dear seems he wasn’t so trustworthy after all
collab with not-a-soda, read their story here:
suggestive170109 artist:moonatik1169 oc822814 oc only605523 oc:cid23 oc:isabelle incraft51 oc:izzy73 oc:moonatik197 earth pony350411 pegasus394786 anthro309787 new lunar millennium103 alternate timeline3368 anthro oc33817 breasts335846 clothes549383 earth pony oc17738 eyebrows14425 eyebrows visible through hair7471 female1578775 gas mask1514 glasses75915 hair bun4209 high res83891 hypnosis4055 latex15312 latex suit5022 male450356 mare603676 mask8512 mind control4102 nightmare takeover timeline699 pegasus oc23988 rubber drone508 shadowbolt drone71 shadowbolts1905 stallion145480 story included11055


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