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Da desc:
Cozy took off, flying away into the forest. Flurry’s calling did no good and this time she couldn’t find the strength to go after her. The sound of Cozy’s wings flapping faded away. She was now out of sight. Flurry sat on the ground in the same spot Cozy had been. She hung her head and a tear started to form in her eye. She then heard footsteps behind her and knew right away who it was. She turned her head to see Twilight and most of the others behind her. She too had a very worried look on her face.
“Did you hear any of that?” she asked.
“The whole thing,” Twilight said, sullenly.
Flurry slowly got up and walked over to her aunt. When she got to her, they shared a hug with Flurry still crying.
“And to think all these years I was searching for her parents, only to find this,” said Twilight, petting her niece’s head.
“Do you think her real parents are still out there?”
“I’m sure they are, and I’ll continue to look for them. They are undoubtedly the key to reforming her.”
Flurry continued to cry into Twilight’s shoulder as some of the others came in to join them.
Twitter Desc:
And now here’s where it gets super emotional. If you were disappointed that Cozy never got any proper origin stories or an explanation for why she’s so evil in the show, this might help.
#FlurryHeartsStory #MLPFIM
safe1861863 artist:aleximusprime1678 princess flurry heart8133 twilight sparkle319990 alicorn253592 pony1206173 dream of alicornication38 flurry heart's story289 alicorn amulet2026 aunt and niece513 bow33557 bush3121 comforting1382 crying47532 description is relevant949 duo90574 everfree forest2183 female1501463 filly76810 filly flurry heart106 foal20940 forest11617 glowing mushroom67 hair bow18447 mushroom1086 night30037 older30313 older flurry heart1994 older twilight2301 sad26829 safeguard bracelet13 story included10328 tree37424 twilight sparkle (alicorn)132415


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