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Artist’s comment:
Panel made by Holivi
More information on the project here
safe1861876 artist:holivi696 artist:lummh509 princess cadance35186 princess celestia100701 rarity194956 shining armor24843 twilight sparkle319991 alicorn253595 pony1206185 unicorn394072 comic:the princess of love27 a canterlot wedding3172 season 23170 alternate hairstyle31212 butt135677 clothes518917 colored wings8318 crown21741 cute220376 cutedance1390 cutelestia3825 dress50029 ethereal mane9722 female1501473 floral head wreath2329 flower29569 folded wings9694 gradient wings1021 horn98422 jewelry80104 looking at each other24555 looking at someone3537 looking up18880 male422903 mare557342 marriage1483 plot95264 regalia25502 ribbon7783 scene interpretation9400 shining adorable617 shiningcadance2947 shipping218309 shoes44472 smiling297227 speech bubble27744 stallion132653 starry mane5360 straight150091 sunbutt4552 text68508 unicorn twilight22257 wall of tags4812 wedding1619 wedding dress2112 wings148971


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Background Pony #79FC
Why is she shorter, even though in the show they are of the same height?