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Someone posted an NSFW variant of this (>>2786185), but there’s also the SFW variant in that store, so I uploaded it.
safe1917141 artist:fensu-san601 angel bunny10535 fluttershy233074 pegasus381859 pony1264877 rabbit6760 semi-anthro18304 animal5953 blushing230731 body pillow4287 body pillow design2678 butt154787 camisole167 clothes539673 cute228107 duo100319 ear fluff39528 eyes closed115007 female1552796 flutterbutt6396 folded wings11350 frog (hoof)16768 hug32521 leg fluff3708 looking at you206995 male441068 mare587140 open mouth187177 open smile13015 panties56071 pet2099 plot106322 plushie27178 ribbon8002 shyabetes16383 smiling314871 smiling at you12130 underhoof59921 underwear68739 white underwear3671 wings162706


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Background Pony #0D1A
@Background Pony #1770
That’s not what happens.
The images in the store are actually JPG (and it’s easy to see it in their URL).
But many modern sites begin serving WebP images that they create “on a fly” if requested by some browser that support WebP, like modern versions of Firefox.
The problem is, WebP can be both lossless and lossy, just like JPG. In case of this particular store site those WebP are re-compressed from original JPG, and when uploaded via “Fetch” option here, there are extra artifacts added by derpibooru, when again converting back to JPG. Two conversions actually take place.
There is a way to work around this issue in Firefox, for example,
And get the actual original quality pictures from sites (in this case, JPG pictures from that store site)
You need to do the following steps:
  1. Enabling the “View Image Info” option in a menu that pops up when you right click on an image.
For that go to advanced serttings by typing about:config in your address bar, and then adding (or changing the existing one) a Boolean type preference there browser.menu.showViewImageInfo and set its value to True
  1. Load a seemingly WebP image along in a browser’s tab, right click on it and choose “View Image Info” option. In the opened info window go to the “Media” section (in the top) and then in a list with links select a link that is this actual image, and use the button “Save As…” that will appear there in the window after that.
Saving an image that way will request the orignal image from the server, whatever format it was. In this case it’s JPG, the original quality file.
Background Pony #1770
Actually, the images in the store are of higher quality than that, but Derpibooru adds a lot of JPEG artifacts. Probably because the images in the store are actually WEBP (even though the extension is .jpg) so Derpiiboru converts them to a JPEG using some terrible quality setting.