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Redraw of my humanized mane six!! :33
Will probably post them individually too!

safe2117881 artist:greenarsonist128 applejack196161 fluttershy252024 pinkie pie250000 rainbow dash272849 rarity212901 twilight sparkle349817 alicorn302714 human234299 g41926665 applejack's hat13613 blue background9683 blushing261658 boots32235 bracelet14807 chubby16615 clothes611640 converse7053 cowboy boots2464 cowboy hat24524 dark skin8345 elf ears2521 fat28257 feet52699 female1739493 freckles41553 grin59997 hat119551 humanized116490 jewelry106888 long hair7582 long skirt1134 looking at each other32216 looking at someone13266 mane six36820 muscles18050 muscular female4098 nonbinary1122 raised hand133 sandals5534 shoes56653 shorts18836 simple background569269 skirt53173 smiling376785 socks91267 trans female1517 transgender3390 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146032


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Background Pony #EE42
Your human designs are beautiful. Dumb bronies hate seeing something that’s not a skinny pale humanization of the mane six. They are different and you decided to make them more realistic. With different bodies and skin tones. Also you gave them normal hair which is just great.
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Don't test my slam jam
I really like these designs. Seriously, this Pinkie is still one of the cutest humanizations I’ve seen to date. Really don’t understand why all the downvotes.
Artist -

This is the best Applejack Ive seen! So good looking and shapely, just wanna hug her! Rarity looking like a little christmas elf is so unimaginably cute;;; And Fluttershy with that lil tooth and clothes, mi amor
Pinkie in yours style is always a blessing thats a given but Twily is looking just so dorky, absolutely adorable. And then pinnacle of human life, RD the babie, so smug and handsome, love love love
Great job on them!!!!!
Background Pony #C3D2
I’m not sure how to put it in words. I’ll agree they’ll a bit stiff.
Maybe it’s the stiffness I keep focusing on. Why not practice some shading? Or some dynamic poses. Maybe that’ll “lubricant” them some XD
Background Pony #C3D2
As strange as this might sound, they seem like they belong to a Google Fi commercial.
I don’t mean to sounds mean. This just gives me a strange Corporate feeling.
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💚 Green Griffon 💚
Thank you, and yeah I am kinda going back and forth on how grounded I want them to be tbh, but I mean usually when you have fantasy races like elves or dwarves they don’t always come with candy coloured hair so I don’t nessecariliy think it’s a given. I did think of giving some dyed hair maybe.