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You sure? I can’t think of any other cartoons from this time period that would match Spike. Unless we’re going by shows still running before the mid-2010s.
Ooh, that would be neat.
Background Pony #20FA
I’m used to live action shows, so let’s say I’m not a fan of these shows that ended already.
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We’ve seen had a new wave of great shows, and those have all since ended too. An entire generation after this has come and gone. And oddly, it’s the shows that werent good that seem to have survived to this day. Quality is really not appreciated by executives. But we still live in a time where we got those fantastic shows, and I am glad for that. We can still share those shows with people that missed them, and enjoy them all over again. We’ve got plenty, even if it’s all stored on some shady servers now, instead of actually airing. Years worth, of good content! I hope this little animation prods someone that missed these gems to go and look them up.
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@Background Pony #20FA
Well, the main series is kinda over already. There is just going to be a baby spinoff like I said. There was even a movie and everything. I haven’t watched it for a long time but from the seasons I watched, I think it’s pretty good. It’s wholesome and cute and really just something you can sit back, relax, and watch cute bears doing funny things. It even managed to almost make me cry at some point.
Background Pony #8475
Spike probably watched Bojack Horseman or One Punch Man back in those days.
Background Pony #04B2
It’s kind of sad that only Teen Titans Go and Rick and Morty are still airing new episodes.