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Who’s there?! https://t.co/NdzG1pJ4Al


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This is.. such an incredible piece..
Just from the thumbnail this had a very eerie vibe to it.
If you try to look at the image too hard or too close, the eerie undertone becomes more subtle, it’s only at a glace does the terror of mystery stare back for a brief moment.. the afterimage in your mind of a face with a tense expression shown only through her eye.
It scares me how much tension is shown through her eye alone.. she could be smiling, grinning, maybe it’s a changeling, maybe she has several hidden layers of teeth, maybe she’s dead, there’s no way to know- I so love this!
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Just Wayne
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Umbreon is best Pokemon!
Well we are bigger than them after all. And no matter how big they are, we’re still bigger in their eyes, unless a species as big as humans was ever discovered. :P
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How ironic she is scared here yet we’re also scared of her.
Arachnophobia works the same way… most of the time. You gotta look at the size of the spiders in my neck of the woods!
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