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suggestive165154 alternate version62451 artist:sugarlesspaints1883 princess celestia102349 alicorn260713 anthro300014 plantigrade anthro40371 areola22781 areola slip2340 barefoot31388 big breasts99602 bikini21451 blushing227566 breasts324106 busty princess celestia11700 choker16001 cleavage39212 cleavage fluff905 clothes533233 eating11048 feet46541 female1536441 food82491 foodplay1827 lidded eyes36336 looking at you203533 mare578027 pineapple pizza90 pizza2274 smiling309226 solo1210742 solo female199449 spread wings69005 suggestive eating579 swimsuit33395 toe ring783 wings158402


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How exactly is this explicit? Is it because of putting PINEAPPLE on the pizza? There’s some areola slip, but I think that falls under questionable?